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Inspiration for Autism

INSPIRATION FOR AUTISM is also a resource book, offering the reader valuable information about navigating the educational system, acclimating within the community, and training family and friends as therapists. This includes details regarding school placement options; laws; the IEP process; social and academic assessments; local and national advocates; and resources for helping the Autistic child learn and grow, including how to “fit in” socially and academically.

Author and mother Debra Rosen has worked in education for over 25 years, giving her the unique perspective of a parent who needs to walk within the system set in place for a special needs child, as well as the insight of an administrator who has helped shape that very system. Debra has grappled with the laws and organizations, and conveys her experience to the reader with dignity and integrity, knowing it is crucial for a parent to understand their rights and options. Autism is a challenge but it is manageable.